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our story

how it all started

let's go on a little ride together, shall we?

We’re starting our journey in a small town in Sweden called Älmhult. If this name somehow sounds familiar to you, we’ve totally got your back! You might be thinking about a popular Swedish furniture company that built its first store there in 1943. Our story, however, starts in 2008, when founder Johan’s little son Max turned two. At that time, children’s clothing wasn’t part of a colourful and fun world yet as we know it today. Instead, the two parents were disappointed about the choice of clothing they could dress little Max in. They were desperately looking everywhere for a flash of bright colours and a sign of fun prints. Clothing that wouldn’t be harmful to their little son’s skin nor the environment but also clothing, that wouldn’t break the bank. But all their efforts were in vain. And so, the idea of Maxomorra was born.

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