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For the curiously colourful

For the curiously colourful:
Maxomorra’s nostalgia-fuelled AW21 Collection

Oh, the wonders of childhood! When everything is new, out there for you to be explored. When colourful adventures are awaiting you around every corner. When your curiosity and eagerness to learn have taken you over and "why" is your favourite word to say.


For the creation of our Autumn and Winter 2021 collection, we dove deep into our world of childhood nostalgia and got inspired by fond and comforting memories of our favourite childhood picture books, cartoons, puppet- and clay animations on TV. Perhaps they will even spark your own childhood nostalgia!

To complement this colourful dose of childhood nostalgia, we have added new special tags to our products that all contain an important little fact about the print at hand.


As a sustainable brand, it is natural that we care a lot about our planet, so going forward, we would love to also educate our little and big adventurers about the wonders of our colourful world. Get your hands on our lookbooks in which you can view all of our new prints while learning some new facts about our wonderful planet at the same time!

Our AW21 Lookbooks

Our Collection Videos

About Maxomorra

Maxomorra is a colourful Swedish children’s wear brand founded in 2008 by Johan Ström on the values of sustainability and kindness, encouraging curiosity, adventures and playfulness in small and big. As a GOTS certified brand, ethical and environmentally friendly practices carry the highest priority.

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