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Farm Life Collection

Welcome to the Farm Life Collection!

Welcome to our Maxomorra Farm! Let's have a look around together, shall we?
For our Maxomorra Farm Life collection, we got inspired to spend a fun day on a farm during the colourful Autumn time. The perfect time to stroll around, pet Farm Dogs and Farm Sheep, play hide-and-seek in the cornfields and red barn houses, take a ride on a Farm Tractor, pick delicious Farm Apples to bake a wonderful pie and marvel at a Farm Rainbow, once both the sun and rain decide to join. A colourful and cosy day in our Farm Life!

Our Farm Life prints are called:
⋒ Farm Life (landscape)
⋒ Farm Dog
⋒ Farm Tractor
⋒ Farm Apple
⋒ Farm Sheep
⋒ Farm Rainbow

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About Maxomorra

Maxomorra is a colourful Swedish children’s wear brand founded in 2008 by Johan Ström on the values of sustainability and kindness, encouraging curiosity, adventures and playfulness in small and big. As a GOTS certified brand, ethical and environmentally friendly practices carry the highest priority.

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