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Certified Maxomorra Retailers

Together for a colourful future

At Maxomorra, we don’t have our own stores. Instead, we work with the loveliest retailers from all over the world to bring our clothing to you! As a sustainable brand, you can trust that we are very selective about our stores. We are partial to fellow sustainability advocates and are convinced that this is where our clothing belongs - before they eventually get to make a trip to your lovely homes, of course!


Our retailers are a big part of our #MaxomorraFamily. And while we celebrate each other's uniqueness, are all united and driven by our shared values and vision of a colourful future. So whenever you spot a Certified Maxomorra Retailer, you can be certain that we are all on the same page regarding the following.

Driven by Kindness & Sustainability

For how we choose to act in the world and for all the big decisions we have to make, kindness and sustainability take a front-row seat. At all times. We care about the people we get to work with and the impact we are having on our planet. These two values are the core of everything we choose to do.

Offering clothing for kids - not for boys & girls

We don’t design clothes for boys and girls - we design clothes for kids. We are firm believers that colours and prints are for everyone and we should all be able to wear what our hearts desire. A thought that we aim to instil from a young age. While our bold Scandi prints take centre stage, you will find them available in various styles, perfect for you to pick and choose your favourite.

Adding more colour to our world and future

Everything we do at Maxomorra is “for a colourful future”. On one hand, that means dressing our future, meaning our children and the future generation in colourful and sustainable clothing. Bold and colourful prints are what we love best! On the other hand, this also means ensuring that our planet will remain as colourful and diverse as possible in the future. From our point of view, both of these goals are very closely related.

Supporting everyday adventures

We are a brand for curious adventurers. Our Maxomorra kids are bright and playful and we want our clothing to reflect that - and not restrict them. How do we achieve that? With comfy, breathable and durable clothing that is perfect for their everyday adventures and can even be passed on to the next generation. All of our clothing is soft to the touch, non-toxic and high quality. Because of that, they are not only suitable for children with sensitive skin, but also for children diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

Advocating Fair Pricing & Living Wages

As a sustainable and ethical brand, we are big advocates of fair pricing. We view our clothing as collaborative pieces of work where every pair of hands it passes through is taken into full consideration and compensated accordingly. Hence why we are paying living wages to all of our workers! And this shows on our price tags. We ensure that every price tag is fully in line with the true worth of a garment.

Favouring seasonless and timeless clothing

We create our Maxomorra prints to be seasonless and timeless. With that in mind, even clothing from previous seasons does not have an expiration date! In our dream scenario, our dear retailers are offering a colourful mix of their personal favourite Maxomorra prints from any season - and that only with occasional sales tags attached when appropriate and necessary.

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