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upcycled craft kits

Who said leftover fabric is destined for landfill? Since sustainability and upcycling practices are big topics here at Maxomorra, we are proud to offer upcycled Maxomorra Craft Kits for all of our DIY-lovers. These are 145x145 cm (57” x 57”) squares of original Maxomorra GOTS-certified fabric made from organic cotton and printed using our non-toxic colours and dyes. As a sustainable and ethical company, we wouldn’t want to let our leftover fabric fill up our landfills. Instead, we are hoping to see these Craft Kits inspire and encourage fun DIY projects and lots of creative time.

  • Where can I buy Maxomorra Craft Kits
    A number of our Maxomorra stores sell our upcycled craft kits alongside our sustainable clothing. Have a look here: Austria Das Zauberkarussell Bulgaria Little Whale Chile Hoppa Kids France Regards D'Ailleurs Germany Jättefint Italy Nordic Baby Sweden Mini Outlet Stockholm Switzerland Chinderkiste UK Babipur Eddie & Min Little Tiger Togs Nature's Kids Oh! Dorothy Organiklade Scandibugs Strawberry Meerkat Boutique The Nappy Stash The Norse Nook
  • Can I show you what I have done with my Craft Kit?
    Yes! We'd love to see your little projects and creations. Easiest would be to tag or message @maxomorraworld on Instagram. You can also always use the hashtag #maxomorra and #maxomorramoment. Feel free to share it during our #maxomorramonday!
  • I'm a maker. Can I sell my creations using your fabric?
    How lovely you would like to use our fabric for your creations! In order for you to use our craft kits commercially, we have one criteria that we ask you to respect. Your creation should not be comparable to any product in our own product range. Next to our clothing, this also includes our Maxomorra Goodies (tote bags, coin purses, bandanas, pencil cases, scrunchies). We have introduced our craft kits first and foremost for personal use and to encourage creative family projects. If you are in doubt whether or not you can sell your item, please get in touch with us!
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