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Garden Love Collection

Welcome to the Garden Love Collection!

Are you excited to come and visit us in our Maxomorra Garden?
For our Maxomorra Garden Love Collection, we are exploring all the autumnal wonders a garden has to offer. From selecting your favourite Garden Pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, observing Garden Squirrels enjoying their acorns, dancing around with Garden Butterflies, enjoying the most delicious pears straight from the trees, to watching all the Garden Sunflowers turn their heads towards the sun. The beauty of autumn!


Our Garden Love prints are called:
⋒ Garden Love
⋒ Garden Pumpkin
⋒ Garden Squirrel
⋒ Garden Butterfly
⋒ Garden Pear
⋒ Garden Sunflower

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About Maxomorra

Maxomorra is a colourful Swedish children’s wear brand founded in 2008 by Johan Ström on the values of sustainability and kindness, encouraging curiosity, adventures and playfulness in small and big. As a GOTS certified brand, ethical and environmentally friendly practices carry the highest priority.

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