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Overproduction in the Fashion Industry - Who decides how many Maxomorra Items are being produced?

As an eco-friendly parent and a member of our dear #MaxomorraFamily, you might already know that the fashion industry is far from being sustainable. While we at Maxomorra try to do our part to contribute to a more colourful and greener future, sadly, our current reality looks a little different from that. One big problem that we will have to tackle is the issue of overproduction. 🌍👗

Did you know that a whopping 30% of all the clothes that are being produced are never actually sold? Yep, that's right! According to the ACTA (Australian Circular Textile Association), nearly a third of all the garments produced worldwide will never see the inside of a wardrobe. 😲👚

What happens to unsold garments?

So, you might be wondering, what happens to all of that unsold stock? Unfortunately, it's nothing very pleasant to hear, we are afraid to admit. There is unfortunate evidence that many of these unsold clothes often end up in landfills, especially when you take a peek at fast fashion brands. And that is not only wasteful but also harmful to our planet. Depending on what these garments are made of, they can take years, even decades, to decompose. Meanwhile, they may release harmful chemicals into the earth. ☠️🌱

In other cases, you might have heard about stock being burned. Especially in the high-end and luxury categories, some brands might choose to burn their unwanted stock as a measure to maintain their exclusivity. Because, in their eyes, sale tags could harm their branding! 🔥🏢

Alternatively, you might encounter unsold garments in various discount outlets where they can be purchased for a lower price. In either case, one thing is clear: overproduction in the fashion industry is a huge issue that ought to be tackled. ♻️💼

Photo by our brand rep @thegreatpipadventure

How do we decide at Maxomorra how many items we produce?

So, how does all of this work out here at Maxomorra HQ? Glad you're asking! As a conscious and sustainable clothing brand, we choose to follow a more traditional system. This means, unlike fast fashion brands, we carefully craft and design everything one year in advance.

As we currently do not have our own stores, we work with the loveliest retailers that bring our Maxomorra Clothing to you! So, armed with our new prints and designs, we go off twice a year to present all that we’ve been working on to all of your favourite Maxomorra Stores. 👕👜

They are the ones who then get to browse our future collections in a similar way as you do before deciding which Maxomorra items they want to stock for you to enjoy a year from now. With this B2B (Business-to-business) system, our factory in India only produces what our retailers are ordering from us. As a side effect, we hope that this will let us produce as little waste as possible. 🌟🌏

Photo by our brand rep @carlajmellor

What role do you play as a consumer?

After reading all of this, you might be wondering, is there anything at all that I can do as a consumer? The answer is a loud and clear yes! Remember how we just mentioned how we produce what our retailers order from us? Well, as they are not in possession of a functioning crystal ball (as far as we know... 😃), one of the main things they look at as retailer buyers is what you as a consumer are currently thinking and feeling!

The most straightforward way to indicate your thoughts and feelings is through your purchases. Every penny you spend works like a vote. And with that in mind - choose wisely! Where you can, you might want to pick brands that share the same values as yours. Things that you could consider include sustainability, eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, and transparent production processes. We highly recommend going for quality over quantity. If you haven’t yet, you can read our blog post on five benefits of buying ethical kids’ clothing here. 🌿👶👕

While all of the things we’ve just mentioned are more indirect, you can absolutely directly share your thoughts. In fact, we highly encourage you to do so! We, as a brand, are committed to making sustainable clothing that is there to bring you joy and last you for as long as possible. “For a more colourful future,” as we like to say. So if you have any thoughts or feedback, please feel free to share them with your favourite Maxomorra Retailers or with us directly. We do listen to your thoughts and requests, may it be in regards to prints, the number of drops, or certain styles and fabrics. 🌈👂📣

Photo by our brand rep @happyandthecity

How else does Maxomorra try to combat excessive waste and overproduction?

Even with the best intentions in mind, there will always be a level of excessive waste. When it comes to any leftover clothing from our factory, we collect and donate them to tribes in India. You can read more about it here! We have also partnered with Räddningsmissionen (Swedish for The Rescue Mission), a Swedish non-profit, social work organisation and support their charity projects. with our donations. As for our leftover fabric that is not turned into Maxomorra clothing, we upcycle them into our Maxomorra Goodies that you might have seen floating around!

In conclusion!

As a consumer, you hold a lot more power than you might think you do! Choose wisely, purchase smartly, and don’t be shy to share your thoughts with your favourite brands and retailers. This is how we can all contribute towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 🤝🌍👕

Did you enjoy our article on overproduction in the fashion industry? We advise you to go to our Store Finder, find your favourite Maxomorra reseller and discover more about our items designed in GOTS-certified organic cotton!


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