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Maxomorra SS21 Pick and Mix

Pick & Mix to your

heart's delight

Pick & Mix to your heart’s delight:

Maxomorra’s flavourful SS21 Collection

We’ve got to admit it: we love to proud ourselves of the fact that we are a Swedish brand. In fact, we love to share a piece of our culture whenever we can. Sometimes that’s a little more subtle, for example in our choice of colours. On other occasions, it might be a little more obvious, such as through our Swedish-inspired prints.


For this season, we wanted to introduce you to another piece of Swedish culture: Lösgodis. Lösgodis, or bulk confectionery in English, is arguably one of the sweetest highlights for both little and tall. As a child, hardly anything is more exciting than being at the pick-and-mix candy aisle, filled to the brim with all the sweets you could ever dream of.


Armed with an empty paper bag, the flavourful adventure may begin. From delightful classics that you are sure will bring you comfort and joy to venturing down the path of the unknown, giving new tastes and flavours a try. And before long, those may become your new favourites!

With our Spring and Summer 2021 collection, we are handing you an empty paper bag to pick and mix whatever flavourful prints your heart desires. And for the pet lovers out there, you might be pleased to discover that we’ve even got some matching treats for your dog! Which flavours are you going to give a try?

About Maxomorra

Maxomorra is a colourful Swedish children’s wear brand founded in 2008 by Johan Ström on the values of sustainability and kindness, encouraging curiosity, adventures and playfulness in small and big. As a GOTS certified brand, ethical and environmentally friendly practices carry the highest priority.

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