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our materials

The fabric of our dreams is sustainable, organic, durable, soft to the skin, easy to care for, is wonderfully bright and doesn’t fade. So we’ve done the best we could to come as close to this dream as possible! At Maxomorra, we are purely working with organic cotton and do not include any pesticides or nasty chemicals that could harm our planet, our farmers’ and workers’ health nor our children’s delicate skin. And that includes all of our colours and dyes that are oh-so essential to our love of fun prints!

The majority of our clothing is made from a wonderfully comfortable jersey material that we could snuggle in all day long. For some extra warmth and cosiness, you’ll also find a couple of velours and sweats. And of course, we are particularly proud of our organic denim range, all made from the best and most sustainable cotton we can find.


Photo Credit: @happyandthecity

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