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What are the most popular Scandinavian kids' clothing brands in the UK?

It's not hard to find brands that sell children's clothes, but finding quality brands is a bit more complicated. Clothing should allow your child to move easily. They should feel comfortable and focus on ergonomics and comfort. Like any other kind of clothing, they should orbit around respect for the environment and approach to social responsibility; in other words, be as sustainably and ethically made as possible, and if they are aesthetically pleasing, that is, of course, a nice feature too.

Scandinavian kids' clothing brands are famous for all of the above and more. They are invincible in high-quality fabrics and are made for kids who want to be kids. Playful, functional and durable: three synonyms for the brands listed below, which also happen to be the most popular Scandinavian kid's clothing brands in the UK.

Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is a Swedish clothing brand. The founder is Cassandra Rhodin, and she has a background as one of Sweden's most popular illustrators. She grew up in an artistic family, surrounded by painters, filmmakers and actors. A creative environment, to say the least, she also draws inspiration from her childhood, and the expression is often about the thin line between dream and reality. Furthermore, Mini Rodini is an international clothing brand in the children's segment. When it comes to the clothes themselves, Mini Rodini says that they want the clothes to celebrate children's imagination and the sense that anything is possible. Playfulness should be reflected in the clothes, but without compromising on quality. Children's clothes should be able to withstand fun and exciting games both indoors and outdoors! What started as mini-collections in 2006 has now grown into full-scale collections that are increasing yearly!

Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret is known for its high quality, functionality and unique design. Since its inception in 1976 and the launch of the classic striped jersey collection, Polarn O. Pyret has lived by the philosophy that children need clothes that they can play in. Clothes that let children be children. The brand was founded in Sweden to meet the needs of active, eco-conscious families seeking out children's clothes that looked good and could stand a chance against the changeable Northern European weather. Way ahead of its time, the brand has prided itself on manufacturing and selling clothes in the most sustainable way possible. With 85% of their clothes produced sustainably, they are already an industry leader with the aim of achieving 100% by 2025. The clothes are unisex, extremely durable, and designed so that each item should be 'handed down and worn by at least three children.


In 2007, DUNS Sweden started producing organic children's clothing in unisex and unique designs. Christin Kers is the designer, and together with her husband Andreas Kers, they started the company. Duns comes out with four colourful collections every year in lovely prints and produces organic children's clothes in bright colours and imaginative prints to play in both indoors and outdoors. All of the clothes are 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified. The dyeing is carried out in closed systems, and excess dye is collected according to new, very strict rules. The clothes are manufactured in their factories in Turkey and India, and DUNS visits its factory regularly to see for itself how production is carried out and to make sure that the Working conditions are up to standards.


Since 2005, Villervalla has been designing and manufacturing affordable children's clothing that suits all children regardless of gender. Their clothes suit both boys and girls from newborn to 12 years old and can be mixed and matched across the range. They make comfortable, stylish, high-quality, sustainable clothing that is free from harmful chemicals and made with care and attention throughout the supply chain. The majority of their range consists of organic and Oeko-tex certified clothing. Their suppliers have certifications that ensure good working conditions, reasonable working hours and a living wage. They strive for the whole supply chain to be fair, equitable, inclusive and environmentally friendly. Together with their suppliers, they are working towards reducing waste and increasing love in the world.


Maxomorra is a Swedish brand founded in 2008. Fun prints and bright colours characterise their playful clothes, and all the Maxomorra prints are classic bold Scandi prints! Maxomorra loves prints, and every so often, they do feature lots of lovely animals, fruits, and different wonders of nature. They have some of the boldest designs, and two that seem to be extra appreciated are their classic Rainbow and Apple print.

All the cotton in Maxomorra's clothes is GOTS certified; in fact, it has been like that since 2012, so a decade now! The colourful pieces are made from organic cotton, with the swimwear being the only thing made of recycled polyester. All of their clothing is supplied by CMV Global Clothings in India, who they've worked with since the very start of Maxomorra. In fact, both were founded in 2008, and they have been on a journey together ever since. Maxomorra also believes in gender-neutral clothes and every colourful piece created can be worn by every child, regardless of gender. The brand wants as many people as possible to have access to organic children's clothing with quality, function and great design. And it is constantly working on developing more and more organic children's clothing.

The idea was, and still is, to use only organic cotton, as well as organic and socially responsible production, and to make children's clothing accessible to everyone. The brand wants your children to be able to dress in all the colours of the rainbow and in fun prints. They make long-lasting clothes to play in and to be comfortable in. It doesn't matter who you are; boy, girl, lion, knight, or fish – there's room for everyone in Maxomorra's magical world.


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