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Five Reasons to Match with your Family this Christmas!

Needless to say, here at Maxomorra, we are big fans of bold Scandi prints. But do you know what is even more fun than wearing colourful and fun prints? When we get to share that love with our friends and family! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our #MaxomorraFamily twin or wear matching outfits. When you double the prints, you multiply the joy 🌈

With the holiday season coming up and the launch of our Maxomorra Christmas Special, we wanted to have an extra sprinkle of fun and festivity. So we thought to ourselves, why not create wonderful matchy-matchy memories by adding adult pyjamas into our mix? After all, the Holidays are the perfect time to have fun with some family twinning. Are you feeling on the fence? In the following, we’ve got five reasons why you should be matching with your family this Christmas!

Create a strong family bond

Birds of a feather flock together! And not just that. Did you know that by matching outfits with your family, you are actively strengthening your bond as a family? By introducing a fun tradition like wearing matching pyjamas with your family you create a strong sense of unity and belonging. A simple way of making the Holiday season a little more special, both for the little and grown! 

Make matchy-matchy memories

Do you ever look through your child’s closet and get lost on memory lane? Maybe you come across the top they were wearing when they uttered their first word. Or the trousers they’ve been wearing when taking their first steps. The incredible thing about clothing, apart from its practical purposes, is that it accompanies you discreetly any step of the way, from trivial everyday moments to big special events. As such, clothing is an incredible vessel for memories!

When, on top of that, you decide to wear matching clothes with your family, we can almost guarantee you that the memories you are making are even stronger and more special. A surefire to turn your chosen Holiday family pyjamas into cherished and joyful keepsakes for the future years to come. 

Spread that Holiday Cheer

Colourful lights, festive music, cups filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows, the scent of cinnamon and freshly baked Christmas cookies in the air. Who can resist the magic of the Holiday spirit? With our Holly and Swedish Santa designs, we definitely wanted to contribute to the Holiday Cheer. Needless to say, wearing matching outfits with your family and loved ones will only help to spread the joy of this colourful season.

Make Christmas Morning more special

Anticipation is the greatest joy! However, you may choose to celebrate Christmas, waking up in matching pyjamas on Christmas morning is never at a loss of anticipation and excitement! Exchanging and opening presents, having a Christmas breakfast or brunch, baking cookies or singing your favourite tunes together are all things to look forward to. Knowing in advance what matching outfits everyone will be wearing only makes the anticipation sweeter.

Add your own twist to the festive fun

Are you Team Holly or Team Swedish Santa? Which item will you pick from our capsule collection? How will you be combining it? The beauty and fun of wearing matching outfits is that you can still add your own twist and personality to it while showing off your family bond. Wearing matching family outfits might not be on your agenda every day but the Holidays are certainly the perfect time to have a little fun with it and make a great excuse to convince any members that need a little convincing.

There you go, here are five reasons why you should be twinning with your family this Christmas! Now it’s up to you - will you go for our Holly or Swedish Santa Print? Head to our Product Finder to find a Maxomorra Retailer. Don’t forget to tag @maxomorraworld when you post any photos. Happy Holiday Season, everyone. Stay warm and colourful! 


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