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Autumn Winter 2023

AW23: Forest Collection

Let's put on our adventurer gear and explore the forest together, shall we? But don't get confused, this is not your typical forest. Not everything might be the way it seems here. Black Cats and Unicorns? They are just as much at home here as our Foxes, Mushrooms and Tractors.


With this collection, we are reinterpreting own of our most beloved and typical Scandi locations: the forest. A place, that is always filled with magic and colourful adventures. In this case even with an extra dash of magic.

AW23: Pick&Mix Collection

What might a lion have in common with a fire truck? Or an owl with a rainbow? Well, the answer is they are all part of our colourful Maxomorra Universe! A universe that we've been visiting and re-visiting for a whopping 15 years now. And we are far from being done exploring! But as much as we love introducing you to more Maxomorra Characters, we are never tired of tending to our classic prints just as much.

This collection is reminiscent of our past seasons throughout the years before we re-introduced themes for each of our drops. A mix of beloved classics and new favourites.

AW23: Dream Job Collection

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
There is hardly anything more delightful than to hear kids answer this question. From Astronauts, roaming outer space, to Paleontologists, studying fossils and the Earth to Zoologists, observing animals and their environments. When it comes to the future of our little ones, the sky is truly the limit. And who said you have to decide on occupation only?

With this collection specifically, we are celebrating the curious minds of our children while encouraging them to think and dream big.

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