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Everything you need to know about our Maxomorra Autumn Winter 2023 Season!

We are over the moon to welcome you back to a new Maxomorra Season! As you know, we love things to be colourful and joyful over here and this Autumn Winter 2023 Season will be no exception! While we are counting down the days until we get to launch our first collection of the season, Forest, we thought to put together an overview of all the things you might want to look out for this season. Ready when you are!

What can you expect from Maxomorra this season?

This season, we are back with three sustainable kidswear collections for you! What you guys, our #MaxomorraFamily think is very important to us. And since you previously expressed that you felt a little overwhelmed by the frequency of our drops, we decided to take it down a notch. So three colourful collections it is! We are currently getting ready to launch the first of them, named Forest! Feel free to have a look at our Product and Store Finder to get a glimpse of what is awaiting you and find all the stores that carry the items you might want to see in your little one’s closet. We do have a special little surprise coming for you this season, so look out for that!

What are the matching solid colours for this season?

If you are familiar with Maxomorra, you will know how much we love bright colours and making outfit combinations as easy as possible. (Though, of course, we can also totally be found to be part of #TeamClashing). So for this Autumn Winter 2023 Season, the three solid colours we have chosen are navy blue, violet and amber. Each of our prints has a binding in one of these three colours and you’ve got a selection of items you can combine them with.

What are some basic items to look out for?

In our basic range, you find our classic tried-and-trued Maxomorra staples, such as:

  • Body LS

  • Top LS

  • Cardigan

  • Leggings

  • Pants waist (previously known as our pants rib)

  • Pants slim

  • Treggings

However, for this season you will also find styles we have borrowed from our sister brand Meyadey and from our regular print ranges! This includes:

  • Leggings flared

  • Pants Paper Bag

  • Dress Circle LS

  • Boxer shorts & briefs hipsters

  • Hats

  • Scarf tubes

  • Dribble bibs

All of these items are available in our three solid colours navy blue, violet and amber. You can decide between items in regular jersey or sweat for an additional portion of cosiness. All of our items are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Any other additions to our basic range?

We always love to spice up our Basic Range! For this season, we decided to go with one of our all-time favourite things: stripes. You can choose between two versions: a Blue Mix and a Purple Mix. All of our striped items are yarn-dyed as opposed to printed, which gives you a much nicer and higher-quality finish. And if you are looking to match with your little one or you’re just as big of a fan of stripes as we are, we are happy to let you know that our striped scarf tubes and hats are also available for adults!

You can find the following styles in our stripes:

  • Pants waist (pants rib)

  • Leggings

  • Dress LS

  • Top LS

  • Body LS

  • Hats (available for adults)

  • Scarf Tube (available for adults)

Anything we’re particularly excited about this season?

Glad you’re asking! One style we are particularly excited about is our Raglan Shirt, which features a single placement print across the chest and contrasting sleeves. If you are an OG member of the #MaxomorraFamily, you might actually already be familiar with this style! We are excited to welcome it back!

If we had to choose one other item, we would have to go for our Reversible Cardigan Hood! Hardly anything can beat a 2-in-1 product, can it? You can choose to wear it with your favourite print on display or with the solid colour on the outside. We’ve made sure to include kangaroo pockets on both sides for it to be a true reversible item. Pretty smart, eh?

On the accessories front, we are pretty chuffed about our matching hairbands, which are available in every print and are perfect to add a little character to any plain outfit.

What materials do use?

For this season, we’ve got items in our classic and comfortable knitted jersey that gives you the perfect amount of stretch to move around freely. For additional cosiness, you can also find a number of items in our basic range made from our sweat material! On top, we’ve decided to offer a number of our printed items with a layer of sweat material on the inside, including:

  • Dribble bib

  • Hats

  • Scarf Tubes

We most definitely know how to keep ourselves warm and toasty during the autumn and winter months to come. Everything is made from organic and GOTS-certified cotton.

Where has everything been produced?

As per usual, all of our clothing has been produced ethically in our Maxomorra Factory in India. The same factory we’ve been working with since the very start! We are a fully GOTS-certified brand where every single step is constantly monitored and assessed, giving you peace of mind that all we do is as sustainable as possible.

Head to our Product and Store Finder now to check out our upcoming Forest Collection! If you would like to be kept up to date regarding future launches, feel free to sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on Social Media.