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A gift guide for colourful baby clothes

When faced with many patterns, materials, and colours, choosing the right colourful baby clothes is not always easy. The golden rule for the first few months: focus on practicality! Depending on the baby's height, weight and progress, specific characteristics will precede others! But in any case, comfort and practicality generally take priority. Our job is to imagine and create the right colourful baby clothes for your little one. And to guide you in your choices, here are some essentials for dressing babies:

1. A colourful piece for each season

The colour palette to dress your baby is extensive. From buttercup yellow that brightens up an outfit to more discreet pastel tones, you're spoiled for choice! Bright colours are often in the spotlight in summer, and darker ones come back when winter approaches.

In summer, choose clothes in light colours that retain less heat than dark colours: powder pink, pale yellow, water green, white, and all the pastel variations. It's also the right time to wear bright and colourful outfits with funny patterns and colourful baby clothes fabric. There is no question about dressing in darker colours for autumn and winter! Colours such as burgundy, mustard yellow, midnight blue, or even purple are perfect for the colder months. Combined with grey or brown, they will still add a splash of colour to your baby's outfits. A coat, jumpsuit or cardigan for a baby born in winter will be nice. For a baby born in summer, consider giving it its first dress, jumpsuit or trouser.

2. Choose organic textiles for great comfort

Between the treatment of waste relating to the production of clothing, the water used, the dyeing products and transport, the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world. So knowing the materials your baby's clothes are made of is particularly important. As a general rule, choose stretchy, flexible, comfortable and GOTS-certified materials. GOTS-certified clothing is always a good choice – it guarantees ecologically and humanly responsible clothing. It also ensures that the cotton is without fertilizers and pesticides.

3. Soft and natural materials

Your baby's skin is particularly delicate. Natural materials have the advantage of being soft and avoiding any risk of allergy. They are popular during the first months and for the clothing worn directly on the skin, such as bodysuits. Cotton is the star of natural materials and is comfortable and hypoallergenic. It is widely used in baby and children's clothing and easy to maintain, making it a dream for every parent! If you are interested in reading more about why buying ethical kids' clothing is a good choice, we've written a nice article about that subject here.

4. Choose colourful baby clothes to mask a stain… or two

We all know that baby clothes don't stay clean for very long. Between the days spent at the daycare and the mashed potatoes stains,… hard to fight the inevitable. In these cases, colourful baby clothes that hide the stains are preferred. For example, you can pick and mix: pick our denim trousers and mix it with one of our colourful prints; choosing dark colours and patterns creates an illusion and camouflages the stains more easily.

5. An organic cotton bodysuit

A pretty cotton bodysuit is essential to your newborn's first wardrobe. If it's designed in colourful fabric, it will make a stylish and practical gift. Take one with snap openings at the back and between the legs for easy dressing of the baby.

6. A comfortable pyjama

Pyjamas are one of the essential items in a baby's wardrobe. It is the garment that will accompany your baby from its first days at the maternity ward and all the way home. Made of organic cotton, a pyjama becomes a comfortable and comforting cocoon for a toddler.

7. A cotton cardigan

Give the baby a cotton cardigan to keep it warm during the cold season. Cotton has many advantages: it is resistant, warm in the winter and light in the summer. Thanks to this quality, a cardigan will bring softness and protection to the newborn. Did you know that our cardigans are reversible with kangaroo pockets on both sides? How fantastic is it that you can get a 2-in-1 piece of clothing?

8. A playsuit with snap buttons for easy cloth diaper change

Have you discovered our new playsuit feature yet? All of them up to size 86/92 are featuring snap buttons on the crotch seam. A little detail that should bring a big portion of extra ease and comfort. Especially for all those cloth bums!

9. Accessorize up

Finally, don't hesitate to accompany your gift with accessories according to the season: hat, bob, beanie, headband. They will complete your baby's outfit for maximum softness and comfort.

Did you like our gift guide for colourful baby clothes? We advise you to go to our Store Finder, find your favourite Maxomorra reseller and discover more about our items designed in GOTS-certified organic cotton!


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