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Today marks the official new season kick-off at Maxomorra for all of our resellers around Europe and the UK. Continuing on with our pick-and-mix tradition, we are celebrating the simple joy of selecting any favourites, be it candies or prints, from a wide range, and enjoying them with our loved ones.

For this season, we have gone above and beyond to extend our colourful Maxomorra universe for our Spring and Summer 2022 collection. Quite true to our Maxomorra nature, we’ve got a colourful mix of quirky characters, fun vehicles, lovely plants and anything in-between.

Our Spring A collection, includes our 6 prints:

⋒ Fairground

⋒ Bulldozer

⋒ Fox

⋒ Pear

⋒ Mouse

⋒ Tulip

As usual, everything we produce is ethical and GOTS certified.

🛍 Find a Maxomorra Reseller here.


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