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Maxomorra and Rubens Barn: a colourful collaboration

Sustainability, creativity, colours, and kindness – the two brands, Maxomorra and Rubens Barn, both rooted in Sweden, share the same values – believing in a kinder world where kids can thrive and grow. Long recognised as a perfect match by their mutual customers, Rubens Barn and Maxomorra are in collaboration, making their own fusion by dressing Rubens dolls in Maxomorra clothes.

Meet Max & Morra

The sustainably made and anatomically correct Rubens Barn baby dolls Max & Morra dolls are handcrafted with love and are true to size. They love to be cuddled, looked after, cared for, and played with and will happily suck their thumb as they sleep – just like a real baby – making it the perfect doll to accompany your child from baby to toddlerhood to little person.

Max & Morra also help encourage emotional skills such as empathy, patience and love, stimulate creativity and imagination, and encourage creative communication and speech. These dolls are not just some ordinary dolls; they make perfect companions for all children and are versatile: they make great empathy dolls, teaching dolls, or therapy dolls.

There is a whole range of accessories to choose from too, and when designing them, a few things were kept in mind: learning should be relevant, meaningful and fun. The body awareness accessories, for example, were designed to help the children learn the different body parts while dressing the doll, to help them identify sensations in their bodies, and to help them communicate any pain or discomfort they might experience.

A colourful matching wardrobe

The limited-edition Rubens Barn dolls for the Autumn/Winter 22 collection are bigger compared to our previous Summer/Spring 22 collection that comes in size S, fits dolls of 43 cm in length and also the Rubens Barn Kids Dolls. So this season, we are specifically introducing the doll clothes size M for all the Rubens Barn baby dolls, including Max & Morra!

And by adding colourful prints from Maxomorra on Rubens Barn dolls and matching outfits in child size, we are offering each colour-loving child a more enjoyable play experience. The dolls are dressed in Maxomorra's colourful Farm Dog and Farm Rainbow prints from the Autumn/Winter "A Farm Life" collection, making the colourful clothing ideal for curious little adventurers.

Both brands believe in the importance of caring for the planet, so it is no surprise that Max and Morra are just as kind to the earth as to the child playing with it. The dolls are made of organic cotton and filled with recycled polyester. And in true Maxomorra and Rubens Barn spirit, all the garments used are GOTS-certified and made of organic fibres.

A brief history of Rubens Barn

The tale of Rubens Barn started with a combination of two talented women, Ewa Jarenskog and Teruko Wahlström, their audacity and childlike souls. Years later, the deep conviction that empathy is developed through play, along with letting children remain in childhood as long as possible, is still guiding Rubens Barn. The dolls in the collection have been created by experts to help children learn about their bodies, emotions, and the world through play.

The two founders strongly believe that "a child who plays with and interacts with a Rubens Barn doll develops empathy and later becomes a more understanding, sociable and caring adult," a belief that to this day motivates them.

And aw always, we advise you to go to our Store Finder, find your favourite Maxomorra reseller and discover more about our items designed in GOTS-certified organic cotton!


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